Benches 2

Easily moved with two iron rods and straps.

KantDesign produce benches for delivery in lengths from 1-3 m and widths 30-40 cm

They can be moved using holes in the bottom of the bench

If wooden seats are required, lifting eyes can be fitted to the top of the benches

20 benches produced in our warehouse and delivered to school in Esbjerg.

With mini-loaders, the school can now move the benches around to different events

Furesø Bibliotek

The traffic barriers can later be used for benches

The holes can be filled with concrete or plugs.

40x30x150 cm (h x w x l) Grey fibre concrete with grey sealer.

30x30x150 cm (h x w x l) grey fibre concrete with black sealer – feet 10x15x28 (h x w x l)

30x30x150 cm (h x w x l) grey fibre concrete with clear sealer. feet 10x15x28 cm

Seals color

If you have questions or a good idea for our water channels or edges, I would love to hear from you at

+45 6080 7010

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