Kerb Styles and Colours

Concrete kerbing can be formed in many styles and shapes, this allows for a unique and custom Kerb installation.

Patterns and colours may also be added to the kerb for the perfect match to any landscape.

Kerbing shapes (Moulds) are available in many sizes, and some are intended for ‘specific’ purposes.

Our design consultants can help you determine your landscaping needs, and you achieve your dream garden.

Below is a list of our moulds and colours.

Click here to see Freja Curbs and Thor Curbs.

Sectional drawings of our most used edges
We can also develop specially designed edges for your application.

Dimensions: height x width:
MR = minimum radius (less can be done as needlework)

Small radius and corners are possible with needlework.


Price for 4 and 6 edged tube, will be same price.


The great strength of decorative edges is that they can be moulded directly into many different shapes and forms. In addition, we have more than 20 different moulds to choose from, and we are continually adding new designs that our customers at home and abroad demand.


We have more than 12 different patterns and textures with which we can emboss the edges.


You decide if the edges should be grey, black, red etc. We can cast almost unlimited colours in the edges.

Latest color cards – Download pdf farvekort

Colours of our kerbs

Here you can download our latest colour chart: Download pdf farvekort.

Walking patterns / Different patterns on walking paths

Grey walk driveway pattern 1

Grey walk driveway pattern 2