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Machine that can do both commercial and residential kerbing !

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This is how we do it

Scandicurb THOR

Our new ScandiCurb – ‘Thor’ is the only kerbing (curbing) machine on the market today that can produce a unique range of ‘Commercial’ kerbs, especially were access is restricted!

Kerb sizes available from: 10 cm x 15 cm up to a massive 50 cm x 40 cm (height x width)

ScandiCurb Thor and Freja is develuped over the last 14 years in our kerbing company “KantDesign” We have invested more than 1000 hours and tons of money to get it to where it is today.

Our turnover is 200-300% higher when we work on commercial project compare to recidential work.

We do less jobs but every jobs are significantly higher, the larges project so fare was a project for the city of Copenhagen 160.000,- euro

Most jobs we get from Landscape Architects, construction companies and playground companies all over Denmark and Sweden

We kerb: City furnitures, benches, retainingwalls, sandpits, flowerbeds, wategullys ect.

The Mixer of the Future

ScandiMixer Hyde. 45

Increase your efficiency with up to 25% For more information please contact ScandiCurb:


Let us introduce you to our full range of machinery

Scandicurb Freja

All of our kerbing and edging machines are manufactured in Denmark. They are constructed to handle the ‘width and height’ of most commercial and residential kerbs. Our machines can deliver both concrete and asphalt kerbs.

Scandicurb Thor

Our new ScandiCurb – ‘Thor’ is the only kerbing (curbing) machine on the market today that can produce a unique range of ‘Commercial’ kerbs, especially were access is restricted!


A trencher that doubles up as a ‘Stump Grinder’ and can also be used for a number of other applications.


Mortar and concrete ‘Paddle’ mixers with Honda engines – the only mixer that can make the quality mixed concrete thats required for kerbing.

This is ‘On the top’ of a sports centre north of Copenhagen. The machines and material were lifted up – 300 meters of different curbs laid.

Why buy from us ?

‘We were proud to be the first kerbers in Scandinavia’

Our kerbing company, KantDesign (KerbDesign) have been kerbing in Denmark and Sweden for many years, We operate throughout the spring, summer and autumn, working 4-6 days a week.

As in rest of Europe, there is an enormous market for Kerbing and the market has just begun to develop, it will become huge in the near future all over Europe, and there is so much potential everywhere – our challenge is to get you kerbing now!

For all of you that start kerbing now, you will get a head start, you will be ahead of the game! – Ensure you and your company are the first to be recommended for this unique, new way of laying kerbs.

It is up to you, take this opportunity and get started NOW – and be one of the very first of a European elite group of ‘The first curbers’….. where ever you may be!

We will give you all the support you need, We can supply you with the best, most versatile and finest machines on the market in europe today.

‘We do not compromise with any of our machines – They are the best on the market’

Our Machines

Currently we have machines operating in:
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Ireland, UK, Poland, Italy, Romania, Albania, France, South Africa, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Iran, Belarus, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Uganda, Canada, French Guiana

Please contact us for the address of your local dealer: sales@scandicurb.com

One thing we have learned:

“Never buy machines unless you have first attended a seminar / workshop to ensure you get the basics right”, or you could end up wasting your time and money before you get on the right “track”.

CD’s alone will not give you enough information. You need to get your hands “dirty” and feel the concrete run the machines etc.

We assist all of our new customers and dealers with seminars / workshops – in their country – all this to ensure you get the best possible start, and are successful from day one.

If you don’t buy from us, please make sure the machines you do buy are CE approved – If an accident happens and your machines are not CE approved you will be held responsible.

A CE mark has to be displayed on ALL machines.