The NEW – ScandiMixer BUCKET !

What are it’s advantages ?

Any inaccessible place easy to reach! the most efficient and economic way to produce, carry, discharge the concrete in building site.

Optimised production according to the building site requirements. NO MACHINE STOP !

  • Easy to mix any type of concrete from the liquid to the dryer one.
  • Side or central discharge according to the working requirements.
  • Use of high quality components as well as wear and tear steel HB400 for screw and bottom.
  • Easy and quick cleaning and maintenance.
  • After sale and spare parts efficient and reliable.
  • Bixer bucket can be attached to any type of earth moving machine!

Download PDF Brochure

To find out more, please download our PDF brochure about ScandiMixer Bucket.


The ScandiMixer is a new way of mixing motor and concrete. The mixer is available in different sizes and construction. All ScandiMixers are delivered with Honda engines. Engine size is dependent on the mixer campers we supply for kerbing.

We supply 265l mixers with 8 hp. Honda engines. For Kerbing, it is very important to use a professional ‘Paddle mixer’ that will lift the concrete while mixing, this way you get the best mix, also it’s very important for the speed of your kerbers.

With our mixers you do not need electric power! – We deliver the mixer with a 8hp.Honda engine. This will help you speed up your curbing time.

Do not compromise with your mixer. Our mixer is ready to use when it arrives. The Scandimixer is the ‘lifeline’ and blood in Kerbing – the better mixer you have, the faster you will able to Kerb!.

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