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We trade under the company name of ‘KantDesign’ (eng. kerb design) and only use the best equipment that’s available on the market today: ‘ScandiCurb’.

These machines are manufactured in Denmark.

We have laid hundreds of km of Kerbing over many years and have gained our experience in residential and commercial Kerbing in Denmark and Sweden, and now expanding rapidly into Europe.

Our Danish and Swedish customers, not forgetting all of those potential customers from around the world, that are getting tired of:

Seeing grass appearing in the beds… We create a ‘Root Barrier’
To have all those ugly edges surrounding the beds… We create the ‘Perfect Edge’

Maintenance Free – No more time, hard work and effort applied with a spade or similar tools?

The two pictures below, really DO sell our jobs!. Your customers can drive their mowers, with one wheel on the kerb. No more ‘Cutting’ around the edges.

It’s time saving, labour saving – that’s the advantages of the ScandiCurb kerb!


Some other advantages that your customers will benefit from:


With our kerbs it will be a lot easier for your customers to maintain their lawn and flowerbeds. They can trim the lawn with the mower’s wheels on the kerb.


The kerbs double as a ‘Root barrier’ and keep the grass out of the beds. When we make the kerbs, we lay them 1-2 cm above the ground to ensure the grass does not grow on top / over the kerb.


The back of the kerb is slightly higher, this ensures you can keep the plants away from the lawn.


Our kerbs are unique! And cannot be compared with any other types of kerbing. Our kerbs last much longer than most other ‘kerbing systems’ that are on the market.


Plastic-edges: they tend to move away from the lawn edge, grass grows on top / over and discolours due to the weather. They simply and easily get damaged.


Iron-edges: the grass will very quickly grow over, and on top of the iron edge. Because your lawn will rise a few mm every year. The iron-edges may rust and become dangerous over the years. When they rust they tend to develop ‘sharp’ ends.


Wooden-edges: they will also discolour and eventually ‘Rot away’.

It’s so easy to “cut the edges”.

As you can see, edges are no longer a problem.


Our Decorative Concrete Kerbs are joined together. One continuous Kerb that remains in place, no matter how much the ground moves.


Our Decorative Concrete Edges are solid, stable, and are as flexible as your customer wishes. Any shape; circle, curve or straight!


With our ScandiCurb machinery you could be amongst the newest, innovative operators in your country. You will have the chance, with our help, to establish your company as a the market leader in Kerbing.


You can promote your company with this new innovative product, along with a range of patterns and designs for Decorative Edges that allow your customers too have a greater choice, and makes getting new jobs and little easier.


With the ScandiCurb system you don’t have to lay the bricks / kerbs in your customers garden. (Like the old fashion way!) All you need is the ScandiCurb kit, materials and you are ready to go! On your way to building a business, a career and of course the rewards that go with being successful, and not forgetting, with an already successful company delivering a tried, tested and proven system!

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As you can see, our kerbs ‘holding the grass back’ from the very expensive stones on the driveway. Can also be used where you need to separate two different materials.

On this job we made a nice curb but at the same time we used the kerb to adjust the two levels. Note the grass is approx. 10 cm lower that the driveway.

This is a small vegetable plot, in an very nice and expensive house in Copenhagen. The client gave us a drawing, and we did the rest! We have now undertaken 4 different projects for this customer.

We have created many different projects, this was a big challenge. We made approx. 150 meters of small beds. All the beds were different, it worked out to be very successful. With the ScandiCurb machine, it was very easy to do !

Kerbs can be of any colour and design, It is really up to your customer and you to work with the colours and patterns available.

Our new ‘Walkway pathing’ is another success story. It’s easy to do, and very cost effective…and profitable. It is very simple to do compared with the ‘conventional way of making paths with slabs: This job was ordered in a red colour and pattern. We charged 46 Euro per meter.

We are doing more and more private gardens like this one. Kerbing around beds and borders. This garden laid with our kerbs will save the client a lot of work in the garden, year after year.

This is also a good example of our of kerbing. (It is always a problem to keep grass away from the house). There are places where the moister comes up against the house – this is a problem. Here the client has removed 20 cm of dirt from under the ground and replaced it with stones – this to keep the wet dirt away from his house so it will keep dry.

This is simply a 15×15 Kerb that we kerbed in two levels and it is used as a ‘step’ to the house.

This is a line of pattern kerbing that we have put ‘on the top’ of the kerb (we can apply any colour on the kerb). We have made a grey kerb, then on top of the it, we applied ‘KerbCoat’ and a release powder. We have used a wooden pattern roller to give the ‘structure’ and then sealed it. As an extra finish, we marked the nails in the kerb (it is all made of concrete).

This is our new ‘High bed’ kerb made with our standard ScandiCurb machine. The kerb is 25 cm high x 15 cm wide. We have already received fantastic reviews of this new kerbing idea and today, have had a great deal interest for this system.

This is the same job as on previous picture. You can see here 4 of the 18 lights installed.

Footpath / Footpath

With the ScandiCurb machine you can make walkways, pathing, and other access routes with or without patterns. Our latest idea – a ‘Driveway Path’ – This is slightly deeper, and also as up to 4 steel wires ‘inside’ to reinforce the concrete. This will ensure that it can take, and hold the weight of a normal family car.

Season 2020-2021

We are looking forward to seeing what the year brings in terms of new exciting tasks and projects, we have already received a number of orders to be carried out. If you would also like edges cast, it would be beneficial to place your order with us as soon as possible if we are to achieve this before the summer. We expect to be casting between 14-18km in gardens, driveways, car parks, nurseries, schools, parks etc. In the new season we will be offering more types of colours, textures and patterns, we can also cast edges with your own design or logo for companies.

Here is an herb bed, 30 cm high and cast according to the customer’s drawing and wishes. The edges can be moulded in any colour and the bed is easy to keep because you can reach the vegetables from all sides.

Here we have cast 10×15 cm border in charcoal grey, 80 meters in the driveway and 60 meters in the garden.

Retaining wall cast in private garden, edge goes from 15×15 cm to 32×15 cm. Previously, the grass overturned the paving stones.

Retaining wall cast in private garden, edge goes from 15×15 cm to 32×15 cm. Previously, the grass overturned the paving stones.

To see more images please visit our gallery.