In Gentofte we cast benches for an amphibian theatre in 20×20 cm.

At Tranegårdskolen, Hellerup we have made an amphitheatre with 3 rings.

We made the bottom ring first with a 45×35 cm curb – the middle ring was a 30×35 cm curb and the top curb was a specially designed shape we made for this project, it was 60 cm wide – 10 cm on the side and in the middle it was 15 cm high.

Landscape architect: Marianne Levinsen Landskab ApS | Landscaper: Anders Matthissen

A special designed amphitheater is kerbed on a school in Slangerup Denmark. Kerbs are 20×20 30×20 35×20 and 40×20 cm.

Made together with Kompan Danmark.


If you have questions or a good idea for our water channels or edges, I would love to hear from you at

+45 6080 7010

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