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7 Feb 2014

Kerbing in winter time

With scandiCurb machines you can now work doing the raining days and the long winter.


KantDesign in Denmark have sold 64 Benches to two building projects in Copenhagen, and this way we have extended kerbing season during a long Scandinavian winter and also during rainy days.

29 Aug 2013

Summer kerbing

We have made this summer few gardens. In the spring of 2005 we did a garden in Copenhagen, and this year the homeowners wanted more kerbs done.
The kerbs I did in 2005 still look great, just look at the pictures.


8 Jun 2013

Rabalder Parken in Roskilde

Sometime you have to be proved of what you can do, I know we "just" did the kerbing at Rabalder Parken in Roskilde, but before you get to the skater area you will pass all our kerbs.


At below link you can see the project finish and under construction. Please note the "hang-out area" on the fifth picture. We have made the 3 benches formed as horseshoes.

The worlds first combination of drainage of rainwater and a skatepark.

3 Jun 2013

Wintergatan in Helsingborgs, Sweden

We have now finished the playground at Wintergatan in Helsingborgs, Sweden.

That was our larges project so fare and it went very well.

At  the playground we did following kerbs:

  • 30×20 cm
  • 30×30 cm
  • 40×30 cm
  • 50×30 cm

In the 40×30 cm kerbs we made 12 bike racks.

The 40×40 was made in color charcoal.

We sealed all the kerbs with an anti-graffiti.

11 May 2013

Project Hoersholm – Denmark

Last week we did sport facility in school outdoor, Hoersholm, Denmark.

We did 30×30 cm and 20×20 cm kerbs for sitting on, but also to run and jump up and down. All kerbs were laid direcly on the grass. To make sure kerbs will always stay together we make the kerbs with the joints and steel wires inside. The ground where we were kerbing was not so even but with the wheel system on the kerbmachine we were able to compensate and the kerbs look great as you can see on the pictures.

Last year we did a lot of kerbing in school yards: take a look at our gallery.

On this picture you can see my workers Jakob and Dan. They are very picky about there work. The project was designed by Zornig Landskab and we worked for landscaper Ebbe Dalsgaard.

9 May 2013

Project Helsingborg – Sweden

We are at the moment kerbing on a large playground in Winetgatan Helsingborg, Sweden.

The sizes we are kerbning are: 30×30 cm,  30×20 cm,  40×30 cm, and 40×40 cm (h x w).

With our system all we need to do, is to change the moulds on our machine. At the moment we have about 50 different moulds for our machines.

Please please take a look at the video, where we are shoveling concrete into the kerbmachines but also use our new Mixerbucket to load directly into the kerbmachine.

If you are in the area, please visit us at Winergatan, week 20.

2 May 2013

Our New ScandiMxer !

We proudly present our newest mixer – ScandiMixer Bucket !

ScandiCurb | ScandiMixer Bucket

28 Apr 2013

Back to kerbing

We are now finely started kerbing after 4 months of winter.

ScandiCurb - Landscaping Services - Best Scandinavian Curbing Machines. Landscape architects.

This week we have been kerbing in Vordingborg and did 50×40 cm kerbs, our larges kerb we can do. We also did 40×40 cm and 20×20 cm kerb on an open park behind the walking street.

We have done this steps in a new way, flexible as always. The steps are made, so they match the large ring we are kerbing.

For draining water in the park we have made rings around 3 beds with a lot of plants.

From 29th April until 1st of May we will be working in Winergatan, Helsingborg. Here we will do 30×30 cm,  40×30 cm and 40×40 cm kerb in dark grey colour.

At the same time, from 29th until 30th April, we are working in Skolegaden, Skagen. If you are in the area please come by to see us in action.

ScandiCurb - Landscaping Services - Best Scandinavian Curbing Machines. Landscape architects.

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