We have worked a lot with water channels and get more and more inquiries about surface water drainage and playgrounds where water is part of the game.

We have previously cast gutters in a kindergarten in Målev and at Ballerup City Hall, where rainwater and gutters have become part of the playground / park.

The school on Duevej, Frederksberg gets the ball field filled with water during heavy rains. The edges range from 10 to 50 cm high and 30 cm wide.

Walking cast behind Ballerup Town Hall. As a crossing is used a split rail that is normally used in stables.

The same watercourse is cast on this playground near Aalborg in 2010 with pumping stations and basins.

Coke-grey 15×30 cm gutters snake through a private garden to a depression in the lawn, which now collects rainwater from the roof of the house. This ensures water is diverted away from the house, avoiding flooding in the future.

On this playground, the gutter collects rainwater from the half-roof – the roof also provides some shade for the children on sunny days.

In the next picture we have cast the two sides in the size 40×15 cm (h x w) as a test. In the lower part of the two edges, rebar is cast, pointing towards the opposite edge. On top we cast a 10 cm thick concrete base which forms the bottom of the water channel.

The gutter is 40 cm high and 70 cm wide (external dimensions). The inside dimensions are 30 cm deep and 40 cm wide. The gutter is cast as a test for a housing association that wants to divert all rainwater in curved gutters along the housing blocks – on to a new artificial lake. The water channel and the lake will in the future be part of the architecture and the green space for the residents of the housing block.

Alternative walking/edging:

  • Pages can be lower
  • The sides can curve individually, making the channel wider and narrower, like a river.
  • The sides can also vary in height and follow the terrain
  • The bottom can be as here concrete or ??
  • And the concrete can be coloured in almost any colour.

All our edges and gutters are reinforced with a minimum of 2 x 4 mm galvanised steel wire.

This gutter page will be updated regularly.

På Guldbergskole i København støbte vi 350 meter 40×40 cm kanter som ringe, bænke, støttemur og cykelstativer samt 200 meter vandrender. Vi udviklede en støbeform, så vores vandrende passede til de indkøbte kloakdæksler – farven er koksgrå.


If you have questions or a good idea for our water channels or edges, I would love to hear from you at

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